Wenger Promises Regular Shown Wilshere

Wenger Promises Regular Shown Wilshere

Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger insists Jack Wilshere will be the top choice in every Premier League game this summer Agenjudi77.com.

The certainty, because the Gunners graduate academy managed to prove his best quality in a 1-0 victory over Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League competition on Friday morning.

Interestingly, Jack who has just recovered from injury also successfully played for 90 full minutes when the North London club travel to Serbia.

“He will get a chance in the Premier League, do not worry,” said Arsene Wenger in his press conference after the game.

“I think at this moment it will be like that.

“He has got a great first-half kick on his ankle but he managed to perform 90 minutes and a match with such intensity will help him a lot.”

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