Top 10: Thailand U-19 Coach Impressed with Borneo FC Supporters

Top 10: Thailand U-19 Coach Impressed with Borneo FC Supporters

Thailand U-19 national team coach Marc Alavedra Palacios impressed with the supporters of Borneo FC when beruji try on Wednesday (11/10/2017) ago. Palacios did not question his team’s defeat.

Praise from Palacios is the spotlight of loyal readers of the ball and sports channels. Here are 10 most popular news:

1. Borneo FC Supporters Make Thai U-19 Coach Impressed

Thailand U-19 national team coach Marc Alavedra Palacios considers Borneo FC U-19 deserved 4-3 win over his team in a test match on Wednesday (11/10/2017). The victory is a gift for the host supporters who meet the Stadium Segiri, Samarinda.

Since the champion in AFF Cup U-18 2017, last September, Thailand I-19 directly melakoni two test matches in Indonesia. First, serve Indonesian national team U-19 on October 8 and challenge Borneo FC U-19 three days later. Read more here.

2. Messi Hattrick, Argentina Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Argentina won 3-1 victory over Ecuador in World Cup 2018 Qualifying, at Atahualpa Stadium, Quito, Wednesday (11/10/2017). Lionel Messi became a star in this fight after buying three goals for his team.

With this result, Argentina ensure qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. They finished third with 28 points behind Brazil and Uruguay. Read more here.

3. Indonesia U-19 national team timetable in Asian Cup Qualification

Indonesian national team U-19 performed brilliantly in the match against Thailand, Sunday (8/10/2017). White Elephant State Team was hit with a score of 3-0.

Of course, this could be a good capital for Indra Sjafri’s team before appearing in the U-19 Asian Cup qualifiers, the end of October. Indeed, in that event, the results of the national team match U-19 Indonesia will not be counted because it has ensured themselves qualify with the host status of the finals. Read more here.

4. Messi Hattrick, Dybala Confess Lucky

5. MU Can Good News After 2018 World Cup Qualifying Game

6. After Tekuk Thailand, This Agenda Indonesia U-19 National Team Next

7. This Indonesian Youth Flies the Red and White Flag on Asia Level

8. Join City, Brazil Striker Makin Berkembang

9. The legend of AC Milan Confident Derby della Madonnina Ends Imbang

10. Bali Wonderkid Not a Problem So Bachdim Coating

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